ultramat by bio-degradable productsULTRAMAT – THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION

  • Stops weeds for up to 3 to 4 years
  • Captures and conserves water
  • Improves plant growth and survival
  • 95% biodegradable with 5% degradable and non toxic to environment
  • 100% block out
  • Manufactured in Australia

UltraMat™ is a revolutionary new mulch mat, manufactured in Australia from Palm fibres encased in non-woven  fully UV stabilised material, ultrasonically welded with no glues or adhesives.

UltraMat’s applications include public and private landscaping, forestry, native tree revegetation, many horticultural operations including tree and vine growers, and soil erosion control.

In landscaping situations, UltraMat directly substitutes for woody mulch. UltraMat has independently verified benefits for both crop performance and the environment.


Over 90 million tons of palm fibre waste is produced each year. What would otherwise be a high environmental cost, is turned into a mulch that improves plant growth and reduces greenhouse gas emissions!


UltraMat has been shown to stop weeds for 3 to 4 years.


For every 1mm of rain per square meter UltraMat will capture 1 litre of water.

UltraMat is unique as it actually captures moisture that is required to support the growth of a new tree. Mulch conserves soil moisture by reducing the evaporation of water from the soil by sun and wind. Water losses can be considerable if mulch is not used to create a vapour barrier. Trials have shown that mulch has an influence on soil moisture to a depth of 10cm2. Using UltraMat is particularly important for establishing plants, collecting and conserving water around the root ball before a deeper more extensive root mass forms. UltraMat has been shown to have significantly higher soil moisture than bare soil.


Enhanced growth rates have been observed in Pittosporum tree growth trials. Tree growth, as measured by the increase in trunk circumference, was more than twice as much in the UltraMat treatments compared to the weedy unmaintained control. Although not statistically different, trees surrounded by UltraMat outperformed the herbicide weed control treatment by over 30%.

One explanation for the enhanced tree performance is that the insulating properties of UltraMat reduced diurnal temperature fluctuations and extremes, which in turn have a positive effect on plant growth. Faster tree growth, combined with greater plant survival can represent significant cost savings with few plants and lower ongoing maintenance.

Australian trials have also confirmed high worm populations under UltraMat, leading to better soil structure and fertility.


Plant survival is one of the most important aspects of landscape and revegetation programmes. Potentially the ongoing costs of maintenance and replacing lost trees is significant, which are likely to continue to suffer from the same rate of attrition.


UltraMat can be used as a device for carrying a wide range of agricultural and horticultural value added benefits. No other mulch can do this. It has the capability to add liquid organically certified fertiliser between the ultrasonic welded top and bottom layers. Methods could be found for adding other fertilisers, biochar, enzymes, organic acids and beneficial bacteria. UltraMat is also very easily coloured with environmentally safe pigments. On the top we can provide a red or pink mat which can improve crop quality and size. This is an area of ongoing and exciting research.

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Special Pricing available for all Government Agencies, Landcare and CMA members. 

UltraMat™ Patent Pending # 2013901092