Silt Stopper Rolls

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Light Weight Silt Barrier:

Silt Stopper Rolls are a light weight temporary solution to control water movement, minimising site wetness and reduce soil erosion. Available in different lengths to maximise handling effiencies, Silt Stopper Rolls can manage the rain water flow requirements of a site via the cost effective solution of diverting “clean” rain water run off around traps or directing sediment laden water into sediment traps. Arranged around a storm water drain or around the boundary of a construction site, Silt Stopper Rolls are an effective and flexible tool to help stop silt and sediment from entering waterways. Constructed from robust poly non woven UV stabilised material and is filled with 100% bio-degradable palm fibre.

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Product Benefits:

  1. Light Weight.
  2. Work Safe.
  3. Cost Effective.
  4. Low Maintenance.
  5. Easy to Install by just 1 Person.
  6. 100% Bio-Degradable Palm Fibre Filling.
  7. Multiple Sizes Available.
  8. Splinter Free Hard Wood Stakes Available.
  9. Filled and Ready to Use

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