Checker Mulch Mat™

(using this mat is equivalent to using 100mm of traditional mulch)


Checker Mulch Mat per M2 – from $7.45

Introducing a revolutionary new product, Checker Mulch Mat™ which is a variation of our palm fibre weed mat designed for mass planting applications.

This Checker Mulch Mat weed mat system will provide the following benefits

  • CheckerMat from BDPSuitable for both flat and undulating area
  • Provides a weed free area, no ongoing weeding costs
  • The Palm Fibre or Palm Pulp Inners retain moisture and provide a more uniform soil temperature
  • The half square metre checker patten accommodates a planting design of your choice.
  • During installation the product is extremely robust, eliminating rips or tears
  • The finished area could have a very thin layer of decorative material i.e. stones or coloured bark etc to the your taste
  • Dependant on volume, the colour of the top non-woven can be supplied to your specifications

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Special Pricing available on our range of weed mulch mat, tree guards and hardwood stakes for all Government Agencies, Landcare and CMA members.