About John Hall

John Hall

John Hall has farming in his blood. From a very young age and all his working life, John has been driven to improve products and systems that have affected his agriculture and horticulture farming ventures.

Prior to founding Bio-Degradable Products, John has spent many years developing products to make things better. He founded Duranet in 1985, producing two main product ranges of artificial netting products.

It was quickly confirmed that the market would not accept a seller of shelter cloths only. The horticulturist was looking for a full product package, including design, accessories and erection; and every horticultural crop and location had very different needs in terms of porosity of the cloth and design specifications.

During its 15 year period of trading, Duranet achieved progressive annual increases in sales peaking at $3.2 million in the latter year. A policy of investment in research and new product development ensured market confidence.

Duranet marketed a wide range of horticultural, agricultural and acquacultural netting products, in addition to industrial fabrics.

Duranet’s investment in technology and research and development enabled it to produce a product that has proven to be superior in the world market.

The majority of the products are durable, lasting approximately 10 years. Industry growth is available through the production of different types of protective netting for alternative crops and in the supply of products for new geographical areas.

A significant environmental factor affecting future demand for the company’s products (including different types of products) is the “Greenhouse Effect”.

This environmental change is expected to result in increased prevalence of storm and cyclone conditions and a more tropical climate. Related to the Greenhouse Effect will be the erosion of the ozone layer and subsequent increase in the need for protection from the sun’s harmful rays.