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Who is bd products?

bd products (Bio-Degradable Products) was created by two men who are dedicated to making a difference - John Hall and Matt Kilby. Both well known in the horticulture and agricultural industries, John and Matt been developing products over the past 3 years and formalised the company operation as … [Read More...]

UltraMat from Bio-Degradable Products


ULTRAMAT - THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION Stops weeds for up to 3 to 4 years Captures and conserves water Improves plant growth and survival 95% biodegradable with 5% degradable and non toxic to environment 100% block out Manufactured in Australia UltraMat™ is a revolutionary new mulch mat, … [Read More...]

FibreMat from Bio-Degradable Products


FibreMat™ is made from Palm fibre, a 100% organic fibre, from a renewable source. FibreMat is available in 1800gsm that is far superior to any jute mat currently available. These mats have the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion, while allowing vegetation to … [Read More...]

Tri-cone Tree Guards from Bio-Degradable Products BDP

Tri-Cone Tree Guards

AUSTRALIAN MADE TRI-CONE TREE GUARDS DESIGNED FOR THE WAY TREES WANT TO GROW These distinctive, highly visible pink tree guards are made of UV stabilised fluted plastic and are designed to protect seedlings from: Herbicide drift Wind Sun Dehydration Predators Adverse … [Read More...]

tree care from bio-degradable products

Tree Care

Bio-Degradable Products offers a wide range of tree care products. Please click on the links below for more information on our current product range: Tree-Starter™ Tree-Booster™ Tree-Tonic™ Tree-Mycorrhiza™ Herbi-Safe™ Tree Planting Gel™ For a copy of the most recent price list, … [Read More...]

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Introducing Matt Kilby

Bio-Degradable Products is proud to have Matt Kilby on board as a Consultant. His experience in the field is unbeaten, as is his passion for planting trees. Since 2000 Matt Kilby has continued to refine the art of tree planting by expanding on a successful polyculture tree planting strategy and … [Read More...]